Macon officer testifies in trial of man accused in fatal shooting

A Macon police officer assigned to the police crime lab testified this afternoon it appears as though only one gun was fired on the afternoon when Michael McKenzie was fatally shot sitting in his car at the corner of Winifred Way and Cardinal Place.

Carl Harris, 28, is on trial for murder in the death of McKenzie, 34 on Sept. 3, 2007. The defense is arguing Harris shot McKenzie in self-defense after McKenzie displayed a weapon.

Sgt. James Brainard said he recovered eight shell casings from a semi-automatic weapon, consistent with a gun being fired eight times.

He said a gun was never recovered in the shooting, neither in McKenzie's car or at the scene.

Brainard did acknowledge that there was a period of time between the shooting in which McKenzie's friends drove him to the hospital in his car during which the car was unsecured evidence.

Earlier in the day, several of McKenzie's friends testified to hearing seven or eight shots fired while seeing Harris standing beside McKenzie's vehicle.

The prosecution is expected to rest this afternoon at which time the defense will begin presenting its case.