Spitzer Night not a hit with Macon Music fans

Eliot Spitzer Night may have lasted but a New York minute.

A poll to determine the fate of the unconventional Macon Music promotion ended at noon today, and the unofficial results are in: The fans don't want to have anything to do with the event.

As of noon, more than 55 percent of fans voted in favor of canceling Eliot Spitzer Night, which is slated to take place June 13 at Luther Williams Field. South Coast League CEO Jamie Toole and chief development officer J.D. Hardin did not immediately return phone messages left shortly after the poll ended today.

The Music made national headlines March 13 when the team announced plans for Eliot Spitzer Night to poke fun at the circumstances surrounding the disgraced former New York governor, who was found to be involved in a prostitution ring and resigned over it.

Because of the nature of the event, which called for a invitation to Spitzer to throw out the first pitch, and the outrage expressed by Music fans, the team decided to let the fans decide by allowing them to vote, starting last Sunday, in a poll placed on the team'™s Web site (