North Macon McDonald's torn down

Don't have a Big Mac attack!

The McDonald's restaurant at the corner of Tom Hill and Riverside was a pile of rubble this morning, but it will be rebuilt as a more modern McDonald's, said Susan Berberich, regional marketing manager for McDonald's in Atlanta.

"Right now the planned reopening is June 30," Berberich said. "It will similar to the (the McDonald's) on Hartley Bridge Road. It will not have a play place." The new restaurant, with about 3,800 square feet of space, will continue to have drive-through service, she said.

In most cases employees usually work at another store until the new one is rebuilt, although she wasn't sure this afternoon if that was the situation at this particular location.

McDonald's was built on this site in July 1997 replacing a Hardee's restaurant, according to The Telegraph archives. The property is owned by The Ramsbottom Co. based in Macon.