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Here is a list of the Tuesday's 10 most-viewed stories on, as measured by Omniture.

1. Northeast Ga. teen arrested after infant son found buried / 2,888 page views

2. Macon officers to be disciplined for drawing guns on man / 2,776 page views

3. Meth lab busted in Monroe County, woman arrested / 2,635 views

4. Ga. man accused of smuggling drugs in colon / 2,602 page views

5. Kid Rock slings short-order meals at Waffle House for charity / 2,315 page views

6. Macon pastor found guilty of bank fraud, money laundering / 2,229 page views

7. Police still unsure what led to fatal gunfight outside Macon hospital / 2,122 page views

8. Disgruntled employee calls in bomb threat to Perry restaurant, police say / 1,929 page views

9. Man tells police he shot woman in self defense / 1,671 page views

10. Man talks about woman found in dry ice / 1,133 page views