UPDATE: Man suspected of carrying gun on campus expected to turn himself in

A Cochran man suspected of carrying a gun on Middle Georgia College's campus has turned himself in to police, Middle Georgia College Police ChiefMarshall Boan said.

Lee James Baggs III, 23, turned himself into the Bleckley County Sheriff'sOffice shortly before 5 p.m. and was transferred to the Middle GeorgiaCollege police department, Boan said.

Initial reports from the Cochran police department, Bleckley County Sheriff's Office and Middle Georgia College said that the suspect had been taken into custody around noon, however that was not the case.

Baggs is being charged with having a firearm on school grounds, a felonyoffense, Boan said.

Baggs has told police he has a permit for the gun, which officials are verifying, Boan said. Georgia law prohibits carrying a weapon on a collegecampus.

At about 9:30 a.m., Middle Georgia police received reports that a man wasspotted with a firearm on campus. The campus was locked down as authorities searched room by room for the man.

During the lockdown, police located a woman on campus who knew who thesuspect was, Boan said. The information was turned over the the BleckleyCounty Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office then contacted Baggs' family who said he had been on campus to trade vehicles with his brother, an employee at the college, Boansaid. Baggs' father is a deputy with the Bleckley County Sheriff's Office.

Lancaster told Boan that "everything was fine," and the college could calloff the lockdown and resume normal operations, Boan said.

The lockdown was lifted at about noon.

Both Boan and Lancaster said there was never any criminal intent.

"He was never a threat to anyone," Lancaster said. "He never should of had agun on campus to begin with. It was one of these things where he didn'tthink about what he was doing and just realized at the last minute he's gotthis gun in a car. He made a stupid mistake."

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