Winning Georgia lottery numbers

ATLANTA — Here are the winning numbers selected Wednesday in the Georgia state lotteries: Cash 3 Midday 3-6-6 (three, six, six)

Cash 4 Midday 7-4-2-1 (seven, four, two, one) Cash 3 Evening 3-9-3 (three, nine, three) Win For Life 4-11-18-25-34-35. Free Ball: 42 (four, eleven, eighteen, twenty-five, thirty-four, thirty-five. Free Ball: forty-two) Cash 4 Evening 2-4-5-7 (two, four, five, seven) Fantasy 5 2-6-9-14-20 (two, six, nine, fourteen, twenty) One ticket was sold with all five numbers and was worth $45,673. In addition, 67 players had four of five numbers and won $97, and 1,728 players had three of five numbers and won $7.