Two plead guilty to manslaughter in separate Bibb cases

Two men pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in Bibb County Superior Court today in two unrelated cases.

In the first case Brandon Deferetaious Mills pleaded guilty to killing his former roommate, Freeman Glover, in January 2006, over back rent and a dog. Mills could be sentenced to 20 years in prison in the next month, prosecutors said.

In the second case James Randall Mullis pleaded guilty to killing his cousin, Pettus Baynard Mullis, 57, in what prosecutors say was a robbery.

The plea was a "best interest" plea and Mullis did not admit to killing his cousin in October 2005, his attorney, Scott Huggins, said. But the circumstantial evidence was enough to make him not want to risk a murder trial and a longer sentence, Huggins said.

In the plea agreement, which the judge accepted, Randall Mullis was sentenced to eight years in prison.