Interactive map: Macon's downtown public wireless system's Ryan Gilchrest and Phillip Ramati spent part of Monday driving around town testing the public wireless signals. What they found was a mixture of strong, usable signals (notably, Luther Williams Field and Terminal Station) and relatively weak signals that would be largely impractical for connection to the internet (surprisingly, the heart of downtown, the intersection of Cherry and Third, fell into this category).

What you'll find on the map below are waypoints we tested, the node we sensed, and the signal strength (on a scale of 0-4 bars, 4 being the strongest). If you have comments or additions, leave them in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

This map does not reflect all of the new public hot spots, only a sampling from various downtown locations.

How to use the map: Use the (+) and (-) on the left of the map to zoom in and out. The map can be moved by clicking and dragging. Click on the waypoints to see information.

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