News MIDDAY UPDATE: Budget showdown in assembly; search continues for trpped mine workers; camps guide

ATLANTA - The State House of Representatives voted 163-5 this morning to override Gov. Sonny Perdue's veto of the 2007 amended budget.

The issue now goes to the Senate, which appears unwilling to back the House vote.

Staff writer Travis Fain is at the capitol and will have all the news all day on You can follow all the latest coverage here.


BARTON, Md. - Two mining vehicles were extensively damaged in a wall collapse that trapped two workers under thousands of tons of rock and dirt, a federal official said Friday.

A backhoe and a bulldozer were found side by side Thursday night at the open-pit mine near Barton, about 150 miles west of Baltimore. Crews were meticulously removing debris near the vehicles in the frantic search for the missing miners, Bob Cornett, acting regional director for the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration, said in a statement.

Officials have said the miners were operating heavy machinery side by side when a wall collapsed Tuesday and buried the men under at least 45 feet of debris in the open-pit mine. They have not communicated using their CB radios.

"The search for the missing miners is slow and deliberate," Cornett said.

A mine agency spokeswoman who gave copies of Cornett's one-paragraph statement to reporters at the scene declined to answer questions.

Workers uncovered what they believe is the back end of a backhoe Thursday evening at the Tri-Star Mining Inc. site. Later that night, they spotted the blade of a bulldozer nearby.

Trucks have been hauling about 2,500 tons of debris each hour, with some lengthy delays, from the pile at the western Maryland mine to try to reach them.


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