Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (5/25/15)

You: I figure since I’m in this mess I’ll do what I please.

God: No my child, just fall to your knees.

You: Life has been so unfair, what do I have to lose.

God: It can get better. It’s all in whom you choose.

You: I think God forgot me. He seems so far.

God: Trust me. I’m as real as your deepest scar.

You: Why’d you let this happen, where were you all along?

God: I am here to see you through your darkest storms.

You: Well, it’s too late. Do you see this mess?

God: If you let me, I’ll make it all work for your best.

You: Well, I guess I could give you a chance.

God: That’s all I ask. Here take my hand. Jeremiah 29:11-14

-- Arelishia Bridges


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