Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (5/20/15)

O Lord, we ask your help and guidance. We ask your forgiveness. We turn to you in repentance. We believe and trust in you. You are the source of everything good, hence we are thankful and grateful to you. We do not disbelieve you, but we leave those who do not recognize you. We worship only you, and for you we pray and prostrate. We will continue to strive so to please you, hoping for your mercy and fearing of your punishment. O Lord your punishment will fall on the blasphemer. Amen.— Ahmed S. YousefMaconReaders — ministers, rabbis, priests and laypersons alike are invited to contribute prayers to this weekly feature. Mail them to “Prayer,” The Telegraph, P.O. Box 4167, Macon, GA 31213; or fax to (478) 744-4385; or email