Prayer of the Day

Prayer for today (12/24/14)

Heavenly Father, I come to you in prayer with a heart filled with the utmost joy. I want to thank thee for all the trials and hardships these past months. For times when my purse was empty but my faith in thee to provide full!. Times when my marriage was falling apart and you taught me again to be humble, loving and show respect to my husband that you have placed as the head of our home. Times when I cried myself to sleep because I wanted to fix all the wrong in my life, but through the tears you taught me to give all my worries and burdens to you. I was filled with hate toward certain people and you gave me your kind heart to forgive. I praise you for that. Times when darkness clouded my vision and I no longer could see the light, you came to me and enlightened my eyes so I could now see our future with you. If I did not encounter all these hardships and trials and tests, I would be an empty vessel today. Please help me to embrace hard times, for I know that many more troubled times are yet to come, not as punishment, but as an opportunity to learn and grow. I love you dear God. Thank you for loving me first. Amen.

-- Eileen Engelbrecht

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