AC Pup: A community comes together to save Bear

The Georgia Industrial Children’s Home is a favorite place of mine. It’s such a terrific place for me to go that my nonprofit group, Central Georgia CARES, even held a couple of my birthday parties there.

In fact, during one of my birthday parties I actually played soccer with the kids. I wasn’t half bad, but I think I might’ve had an advantage with four legs. And I’m pretty sure I was the only one on the field that could pick the ball up with my mouth.

I like Georgia Industrial Children’s Home because it’s a stately and gorgeous place established in 1897. But I mostly like it because it is a loving and caring place for the 60 children who live there. The people at the home spend their lives and their careers showing compassion.

The fact that the folks there are professional caregivers was a good thing for a hungry, frightened chow with a rope tied around the deeply matted fur on his neck that recently took refuge at the home. He obviously had either been on his own for a really long time or had been neglected for a really long time.

I’d guess he’d been on the streets a while, because it was long enough to be a little reluctant to trust people. He didn’t willingly go to the folks at the home. In fact, Miss Lisa Wicker, public relations and marketing coordinator at the industrial home, had to feed him biscuits from a distance. He was too afraid to come any closer to them.

That kind of fear makes me so sad because it tells me someone has really hurt this poor dog’s feelings over the years. But Miss Lisa and the others at the home were doing what they could to bring comfort to this boy. They even named him Bear.

But now he was at the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home and Miss Lisa was trying to figure out a plan. She contacted my Aunt Patti Deeb Jones, who suggested she find a chow rescue group in Georgia that would take him and then ask Mr. Jimmy Owens to trap him for us.

As it turns out, there was plenty of good luck to go around. Chap’s Chow Rescue in Atlanta, run by Miss Amy Parish, can only handle four to five dogs at a time, and it just so happened they had an opening for one chow and agreed to take Bear if he could be caught.

And it got better. Mr. Jimmy Owens was available to come trap him. And Mr. Alberto from the children’s home was able to monitor the trap.

It was all falling into place. We just had to cross our fingers that Bear would go into the trap.

Wouldn’t you know it? The plan came together like a charm. Bear went into the trap just like it was supposed to happen. Alberto monitored him, Jimmy took him to the vet and arrangements were made to get Bear to Atlanta. Miss Amy says Bear is doing great in Atlanta.

The Georgia Industrial Children’s Home does some pretty amazing things. Rescuing Bear is just one of them. The folks there are planning their annual fundraiser, which will be coming up May 2. If you’d like to go to the fundraiser to see the beautiful grounds, you can get more information at

I’d like to give a big old thank you to Miss Lisa Wicker and the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home for saving Bear from a life on the streets.

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