AC Pup: Take extra precautions with pets this Thanksgiving

It’s so much fun to get together with family and friends for the Thanksgiving feast. The excitement of the company, food, football and the kickoff of the holiday season are just so doggone thrilling.

It is for your pets, too. But it can also be dangerous for them. That’s why I’d like to share some ideas to keep them safe, happy and healthy during the Thanksgiving celebration.

The most important tip is to not feed your pet any of the food from the table. As much as I hate to admit it, dogs and cats are masters at pleading for table scraps. We have begging down to a fine art. Please do not give in to us.

Give us a new toy instead. In fact, consider buying a Kong and the snacks or paste designed to put inside a Kong. That would be a special and safe Thanksgiving treat. Just please don’t give us turkey and dressing or anything else from the table, including desserts.

And because we don’t give up easily, when we see you’re not going to share with us from the table we may choose to check out the menu in the trash can. We would be searching for bones, empty cans or even aluminum foil or saran wrap that food was cooked in. Any one of those could pose a serious health issue if we happened to find them. So please keep the trash can out of our reach and empty it often during the holiday.

If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving meal at your house with lots of guests coming over, please plan to have a quiet place for your pets to retreat. Too much activity and too many unfamiliar people may make your pet anxious. A quiet bedroom with toys, fresh water and a bite to eat might be a better place for him to be on Thursday rather than in the middle of the chaos.

If you’re traveling out of town and taking your pet with you, please take extra steps to make sure he stays safe. Before you ever leave home, get your pet microchipped and put new, legible ID tags on a non-slip collar and make sure your pet wears it. Take a nice sturdy leash with you, and keep your furbaby on the leash when you walk outside.

When you’re driving in the car, please keep your pet inside a crate or carrier. Even if he is well behaved in the car, being confined to a crate or carrier is safer in the event of an accident.

I hope you enjoy the festivities of the Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones, including your furry loved ones. It’s a fabulous time to reminisce about wonderful memories, make new memories and to truly give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.

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