AC Pup advocates helping others

Have you ever noticed how great it feels to help somebody? It just makes you feel warm all over to know you’ve helped others.

Sometimes the one doing the helping is blessed as much as the one receiving the help. That’s what rescue is all about -- saving animals and helping people.

There are always others who need our help. It just takes looking around to find them. But I’ll save you the effort of looking around. I’ll let you know two ways you can help others right now.

The first way is to use your network of friends to help find a home for a sweet, big boy named Podee. He is one of our dogs in CARES’ Homeless Pet Club, sponsored by Coliseum Health System Kennel Club.

The Homeless Pet Club uses the strength of businesses, community groups and schools to join forces to find families for homeless pets. It’s a great way to help animals, and you don’t even have to bring them into your home, feed them or take them to the vet. You just tell their stories. It’s as simple as that.

Podee is a young Great Pyrenees mix. He and his brother appeared at Save A Pet rescue a while back. His brother has already been adopted, and Podee is hopeful a permanent family will come for him soon.

Podee is a gentle giant with a very sweet spirit. He loves other dogs, swimming and playing. He’s a little shy until he gets to know you, but once he does he’s the most loyal companion that could ever be.

Won’t you help by telling Podee’s story to your friends? He’s depending on us to help him find a family. If you need any more information about him, please call Save A Pet at 478-994-3882.

The second way you can help others is by attending the fabulous event benefiting the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance on Thursday. We’ll be at Edgar’s by Goodwill on Eisenhower Parkway at 6:30 p.m. That’s when the “Masquerade -- Unmasking the Cancer that Hides” will take place.

There will be fabulous food, wonderful music and an incredible New Orleans-style casino. And you don’t even have to wear a mask! Just come on over on your way home from work and party for a good cause.

I’m so excited about how we’ll be honoring our ovarian cancer survivors at the party. Our survivors have paired with talented local artists who have donated their time to create masks that are unique to the survivors.

We’ll have the survivors’ masks on display at the party for everyone to view and admire. They also will be in a silent auction so anyone can bid on them and be eligible to own one of these original, beautiful masks.

I will be there and hope you’ll be there with me, too. Tickets for the Masquerade are available online at or call 478-765-4805.

Helping others is so rewarding. This week you can help Podee find a family and help a wonderful cause in the fight against ovarian cancer. Try it. It’ll make you feel great.

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