AC Pup: Saving a six-pack

This is a true story of wicked and wonderful. It’s a story of evil and goodness, darkness and light. It’s also story of victory over vile and what can happen when the human spirit determined to make an impact refuses to give up.

The wicked, evil, dark and vile part all began late at night July 20. Someone slithering under the cover of darkness left seven precious puppies to fend for themselves behind Waffle House on Gray Highway. Seven innocent babies were left near a busy highway. How could this person possibly think this was a good idea for these babies?

Luckily there was a witness brave enough to file a report about this act of abandonment. Authorities were called, and we understand appropriate charges were filed.

As for the babies, they were taken to animal control in Macon, so for a while they were safe. At least they weren’t in traffic on Gray Highway.

But at animal control, being safe is a temporary thing. You might be safe today, but tomorrow might be a different story. So just because the babies were not out in the road dodging traffic didn’t mean they were secure.

Luckily, one puppy was adopted. Six of them remained. Unfortunately though, there was no interest in the remaining six. All we heard was tick, tick, tick -- the sound of the clock that determines who lives and who doesn’t and when a decision will be made.

And still no interest in the six puppies. It was looking hopeless for the babies. Sadly, as fate would have it, the date to end their lives had been scheduled. Six little ones that never really had a chance in life would now never get a chance.

That is until two of my sweethearts, Miss Cherie Bland and Miss Libbie Walthall got involved. These two ladies are truly a dynamic duo. They started working on promoting these puppies every way they could.

They put pictures all over Facebook and told the babies’ stories, just hoping the right person would be moved by their situation. Their pictures were shared more than 1,000 times across the country.

Unbelievably, Miss Valerie Young in Washington state saw the post. She was put in touch with Miss Cherie, and what she told Miss Cherie was nothing short of remarkable.

Miss Valerie owns a horse magazine and is connected to Miss Debbie Boise, the lady who owns Pilots n Paws, the organization that sends pilots to pick up rescue babies. And both of them are connected to the actress from the television show “Miami Vice,” Miss Pam Grier.

Apparently, Miss Pam is involved in animal rescues. among the three ladies, they decided they would not only save one puppy, but they also would save the entire six-pack. And to make the deal even sweeter, they would arrange to have a pilot come to Macon and pick up the babies.

So Miss Cherie, Miss Libbie and Macon-Bibb Commissioner Mallory Jones, who is an incredible friend of the animals, met the pilot at the airport with the puppies to help load them on the plane and see them on their way.

A six-pack of puppies twice looked death in the face -- on the side of Gray Highway and again in animal control when their euthanasia date had been set. Yet they survived both times. It’s pretty exhilarating that people across the country saw value in these little lives.

Thank you Miss Cherie and Miss Libbie for never giving up on these babies. The six-pack are alive today because you didn’t give up.

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