AC Pup: What I wish for this Christmas

I’m counting down the days before Santa comes to see me! It won’t be long now. I hope he’s made his list and checked it twice, because then he would know I haven’t been naughty but nice. I really think I’ve been a good boy.

I hope this Christmas will be absolutely magical for you and your family and that you get all you ever dreamed of. Maybe this year we’ll realize how fragile life is and that it can change in the blink of an eye. Then we’ll understand the most valuable gift is the gift of being surrounded by those we love. I wish that for you.

I wish we all exhibited tender hearts towards all living creatures in need. I wish we would take time to be sensitive to someone else’s suffering whether it’s a person or an animal and realize we may have it within our power to help relieve their pain.

I wish for us all to be filled with so much compassion and kindness that we’ll reach out to help those who are lost, scared, hungry or homeless.

I wish we would understand every person and pet has the same desire and that is to live, to love, to belong and to be safe. This is especially true for homeless pets as they endure a daily struggle for sheer survival. So I would wish that those who have yet to find their place in this world would not be invisible to those who have.

I wish we would realize the obsolete method of attempting to control pet overpopulation through euthanizing healthy animals is ineffective. The tremendous benefit gained by spaying and neutering pets to stop the tidal wave of unwanted babies is a much more ethical approach.

I wish for us the gift of intolerance of the mistreatment of precious animals that are vulnerable and are harmed at the hand of people who should know better. While gentleness is a wonderful virtue, so is exhibiting strength to take a firm stand in defense of those who cannot protect themselves.

For those animals that have been harmed, I wish for a second chance at love because an animal’s capacity to love is only exceeded by his eagerness to forgive. They are always ready to offer pardon.

Finally for you, I wish the desires of your heart and blessings beyond measure. And I leave you with my annual heartfelt message written in my Christmas card:

May you be surrounded by the affection of loved ones,

May you bask in the warmth and safety of a loving home

And may you be blessed with a tender heart to share your love with others.

On behalf of CARES, my parents and my Aunt Patti, I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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