AC Pup part of triumphant trek to save animals

We did it! We completed our first CARES Homeless Pet Club Bike Tour, visiting businesses and schools that are charter members. What an incredible journey it was, too.

CARES Homeless Pet Club’s concept is so simple, so successful and costs nothing. A business, school or group just signs up and starts saving lives. And I’m all over anything that saves homeless animals’ lives.

So is CARES. That’s why we’re determined to get the word out.

Our bike tour was a fantastic way to begin. In fact, with cyclist Jeff Battcher leading the way, we visited seven of our businesses and schools working with CARES Homeless Pet Club.

We started at Geico where we were treated like royalty! Those wonderful people really know how to take care of folks! They even had refreshments and that cute little gecko to greet us. Thank you Adrianne Moore, Marvel Burgess, Megan Henson and all the others who helped organize that part of our tour.

Then we headed to Lawrence Mayer Florist where we met Mr. Jon Mayer. He’s helped CARES so much over the years. We just adore him. In fact, I’m thinking about saving my allowance and sending myself flowers just because he’s helped animals so much.

Or maybe I’ll send flowers to my Grammie instead. She’d really like that.

After we visited sweet Rosie Flanigan at the National Criminal Defense College, we headed to the Totally Terrific Telegraph where I saw a ton of my friends. While I was there I was able to get a little work done in the office. A boy’s work is never really done, you know.

Then we set off to see the fabulous students at Westside. Next we saw the incredible Stratford Academy students, who under the leadership of Middle School President Crawford Edwards, prepared a banner for Jeff to pedal through. What fun that was!

It’s a breath of fresh air to see young people taking a stand for animals. And these kids are serious about it, too.

We ended the day at Ahn’s Tae Kwon Do where I saw Mr. Johnny Ahn again. He’s a true supporter and even awarded me a Black Belt a couple of years ago.

I also want to extend a very special word of thanks to my friends in the media. It seems every time you provide coverage for our events, somebody is adopted. And this time was no exception. Thank you very, very much for being responsible for saving lives, too.

I feel such a sense of gratitude to all the fantastic people joining forces to simply help orphaned animals live. If the animals could thank you they would, but since they can’t, I’ll do it for them.

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