AC Pup: Sampson sends his love

Heroes in Middle Georgia have answered another urgent call to help an injured animal fight for his life. It’s amazing to see sweet people choose to get involved and help when there’s a need.

It all started on Sunday, Aug. 12, when Miss Jennifer Johnson and her husband saw cars driving around something in the road on Log Cabin Drive in Macon. As they approached, they realized it was a dog that had been hit by a car. He was screaming in agony and trying to pull himself out of the road, but no one would help. Cars just kept driving around him.

Miss Jennifer’s husband and another man pulled him out of the road. Miss Jennifer then rushed to PetSmart where she found one of my dear friends, Miss Regenia Brabham. Miss Regenia and Miss Jennifer raced back to Log Cabin to get the dog and took him to Banfield Veterinary clinic inside PetSmart. They stabilized him and transferred him to Southwood Animal Hospital in Warner Robins.

The staff at Southwood was waiting for this boy who was still in excruciating pain. They immediately gave him more pain medicine to relieve his suffering and to X-ray him.

Imagine their shock when they realized this pitiful dog they named Sampson had not only been hit by a car, but he also had been shot. His poor body was filled with buckshot.

After working at Animal Control for three years, I’m sorry to say I’ve seen many abused animals. But to see a dog full of buckshot just broke my heart. Did he run into traffic to escape being shot?

The exam revealed that, in addition to the buckshot, Sampson had broken ribs and a badly damaged right shoulder. It also showed that Sampson had been on his own for a while since he didn’t have good muscle tone and his tummy had bits of plastic where food should’ve been. It’s so sad to think he must have been eating out of garbage cans for a while.

As soon as the public found out about Sampson, the love overflowed. Donations came in to the hospital to help pay for his care. Visitors brought him toys and blankets. One of the vet techs, Miss Linda Carson, even took Sampson to swim therapy to try to help his shoulder.

Although Sampson’s improving, he’ll need additional care for his shoulder. Donations may be called in to Southwood Animal Hospital at (478) 923-0118. And he’ll need the perfect family so he’ll never have to worry about his safety or going hungry again. If you’re interested in adopting him, contact Miss Regenia Brabham on Facebook or e-mail me.

Sampson thanks you for once again showing the love, Middle Georgia.

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