AC Pup: When am I going to get a summer vacation?

I thought summer was a time for relaxation, vacations and lazy days in a hammock under big, shady oak trees. That surely has not been the case for me. What ever happened to dog days of summer?

My nonprofit group, Central Georgia CARES, and I have been busy as all get out! I’m really not complaining, because we’ve accomplished a ton of good for animals so far this summer. But I really am working hard and would like to know when I’m getting a vacation!

First we did the adoption day event with All About Animals, where we helped promote adopting their incredible rescue dogs. That is an awesome rescue group located at 101 Riverside Drive in Macon.

If you haven’t been down there yet, I’d encourage you to visit and maybe add a sweet dog or two to your family. Also plan to attend All About Animals’ monthly yard sale to help raise money for the organization. In fact, if you have any items around that you aren’t using anymore, consider donating them to All About Animals to sell.

Next we worked really hard on Mr. Mark Ballard’s magazine, “Southern Style with Mark Ballard.” I hope you saw it. Mr. Mark and I were on the cover, and there was an excellent story inside. The magazine was a terrific reminder of how important it is to adopt a rescue pet when you’re ready to add a new baby to your family.

After that I worked like a dog scrambling around rescuing Jack and Jill, the two starved, stray dogs the community fell in love with. If you remember, they were found in horrible condition, rushed to the hospital for emergency care, and CARES and I rallied my wonderful friends and followers to pay for their medical treatment and care.

I’m happy to say that, so far, they are doing very well. They still have a long road ahead, but it’s looking good for them.

Then we helped with the Spay Day event in Payne City. Atlanta Humane Society’s mobile unit came to town and spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped 59 pets for just $20 each.

Next, we attended the open house for Macon Purrs ‘N Paws to promote the adoption of their kitties. Their shelter is located in the Fall Line shopping center on Rocky Creek Road.

They have so many beautiful and sweet kitties. Please go by there and take one home with you.

Then I helped CARES sponsor a statewide workshop with the Humane Society of the United States. Folks from everywhere attended the workshop and shared ways for animal groups across the state to network.

Man, I’m tired just telling you what CARES and I have done so far. But stay tuned, there’s so much more ahead!

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