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Create a one-of-a-kind mosaic for your garden

If you worried those arts-and-crafts skills you picked up at summer camp would go to waste, fret not: Your garden is rife with mosaic opportunities to make you a regular Gaudi.

Behold the watering can, a practical gardening tool crying out for some whimsy.

Using shards of china and porcelain figurines, mosaic artist Bonnie Arkin transforms old galvanized metal watering cans into adorable decorative pieces that have been sitting in her garden for years. Granted, the mosaic weighs the can down quite a bit so it’s impractical to use the completed can for actual watering, unfortunately.

However, the same technique can be applied to flowerpots, planters, stepping stones, vases, birdhouses — and even bowling balls to create garden orbs.

Arkin, who has been teaching mosaic workshops at Chicago Botanic Garden for nine years, said the watering can is a sophisticated project, because the rounded surface will require you to work in sections and cut the pieces smaller as you go around the curve, which takes cutting skill as well.