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Saving Centsaby: Scoring free magazine subscriptions

When it comes to magazines, I have a love-hate relationship with their appearance in my mailbox. All Americans get junk mail they do not want. When I have the chance, I will call the senders and ask to be removed from their lists.

The truth is, I do not shop from catalogs and I very, very rarely (if ever) make a purchase or a purchasing decision based on something I receive in the mail.

The exception to that rule is the fun postcards from Kohl’s for $10 off a $10 purchase, for Bath & Body Works for a free item, or from JCPenney’s for a $10 off any purchase coupon. All of those get snatched up pretty quickly and go straight into my purse for quick use!

In addition to eliminating as much junk mail as possible, I very rarely make a magazine purchase. I subscribed to All You several years ago (it is a magazine geared toward couponing and savings). At some point, my son was participating in a band magazine sale, and I added on to my subscription, and then a Groupon came along and I added some time to the subscription. I have made a conscious choice not to purchase any more All You subscriptions. At this point I am paid up well into 2017!

Magazines can be expensive. Recently, while I was in CVS, I noticed an Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine issue, with a cover price of about $5. That same issue already had been delivered to my house, where I flipped through it quickly, pulled out any articles I wanted to read later (or recipes I wanted to try), and then was donated to the magazine stash at the dentist’s office.

You see, our family receives numerous magazines each month -- sometimes several each week -- and I have not paid for any of them except All You.

While they can sometimes be cluttering, my children enjoy reading them and learning. We have had subscriptions to Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Field and Stream, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, This Old House, Outdoor Life, Horse and Rider and more -- completely free of charge.

So how does one subscribe for free to these publications? Visit

The website for this magazine company touts itself as “the premiere website that delivers great offers and free business publications across all industries.” Each time offers a free publication to me via email, I think about what publications we already are receiving and which new ones might benefit our family.

The magazine company asks a few questions -- typically about the type of business the respondent works in, company size, etc. However, if you do not work outside the home, no problem! Simply select “other” or “homemaker” or “unemployed” and move to the next question.

There have been a few times when I received a message saying, “We’re sorry you do not qualify to receive this publication.” No problem; I just wait for the next e-mail offer to come through.

This is a reputable company, sometimes offering a full year subscription, sometimes offering just an issue or two to the respondents.

There is absolutely no billing and no credit or debit card necessary at this site. This is not a “trial offer,” but rather a sampling of business publications designed to reach a wide variety of people.

The hate part of this relationship -- all those crazy response cards that come stuffed inside the magazines. Simply fan the magazine over the trash can while you’re tossing out the junk mail and get rid of them for good!

Have any of you subscribed to a free publication through this website? I would enjoy hearing your experiences!

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