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Saving Centsably: More savings with Disney Movie Rewards

Last week I wrote about the large savings your family can find if you decide to join the Disney Movie Club. In fact, 10 Blu-Rays purchased from the Disney Movie Club can cost about $115, while the same 10 Blu-Ray titles would be about $250 in a retail store.

I believe there are some other benefits to the Disney Movie Club other than the initial membership offer and basic membership requirements that I mentioned in the article.

First, each Disney movie comes with the Disney Magic Code inside. This magic code offers Disney Movie Rewards members the opportunity to earn other free Disney movies and Disney merchandise.

If you already own Disney movies, you likely have a good stash of these magic codes in the jackets of your DVDs and Blu-Rays. Have you overlooked these postcard-sized papers with the special codes? No longer! These codes add up quickly and have value.

Entering these codes can help build the balance in your Disney Movie Rewards account. I like to use our codes to order more Disney movies. In fact, many of the classic movies that our kids have never seen are available in the rewards catalog.

We will “cash in” some of our points and redeem them to receive new Disney movies in the mail. When these movies arrive, we enjoy them and then make sure we enter the magic code that comes in the disk case. Doing so will help replenish the points we deducted to make the purchase of that movie from the rewards catalog in the first place.

As an aside, the Disney movies available in the Disney Movie Rewards catalog are most often DVDs. Rarely will you find a Blu-Ray as part of the rewards catalog, but that is because these older Disney movies haven’t been produced on Blu-Ray discs.

Second, the rewards program allows you to register your entire Disney movie library -- the DVDs, the up-to-date Blu-Rays, and even your possession of the digital copies of the movies. Registering your Disney discs will allow you to replace them inexpensively if they become scratched or broken.

If your family is like my family, finding time to register the discs can be a problem -- so just enter a few of them each time you sit down to watch a movie. Before long, your entire collection will be “protected,” so to speak, and you will have the replacement opportunity should the need arise!

Now, there is a down side to membership in the Disney Movie Club if you are a disorganized person. So many times I have explained to you that organization keeps more money in your wallet, and the movie club is more proof to that statement.

Each month, the movie club will send a catalog and postcard asking you if you would like the featured movie of the month. If you fail to return the postcard indicating your preference, or if you do not indicate your preference by logging onto the Disney Movie Club website during the month, you will be charged for a movie and it will arrive in your mailbox within a few weeks.

To avoid the hassle of returning the movie or to avoid ending up with a movie you simply do not want, members must take a few minutes immediately upon receiving the offer to accept or decline. Doing so will make the whole Disney Movie Club and Disney Movie Rewards experience a much more pleasant one.