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Saving Centsably: Saving money on Disney movies

Years ago, I used to join those popular CD clubs, buy the minimum number of required discs for the membership, and then quit the club. Within just a few weeks I would receive the letters asking me to “come back to the club.”

I would re-join, buy some more CDs and then repeat the process. I accumulated lots of CDs. The truth is, I have very few of them these days, because we listen to digital music and satellite radio.

Did you ever take advantage of the savings these CD clubs offered their customers? I don’t even know if those CD club companies exist anymore. However, I do know that today there is a movie club our family enjoys. Its concept is very similar to the CD clubs from the 1980s, ’90s and the early part of this century.

With four children, family-friendly movies are a requirement in my house for wholesome entertainment. Of course, you know I refuse to pay full price for these DVDs.

During the last few years, we have joined the Disney movie club a few times. Have you ever saved money on DVDs using the Disney Movie Club?

Here is how the club works. There are two ways to join the Disney Movie Club. Sometimes you may receive an offer in the mail. These offers can have better savings than joining online, or they may come with a promo code that will make online registration more lucrative for your family. When you are ready to join, select your movie titles.

If you simply join online, you can receive four DVDs for only $1. At the time of registration, you can receive a fifth DVD for a small charge. Ordering this fifth DVD at the onset of joining the club will reduce the requirement for purchase by one item. Typically, members are required to buy four full-price movies within two years of joining the club.

Once the purchase requirement is met, your family is free to end the membership.

Using a debit or credit card to pay for these movies eliminates the shipping fees. Because Wal-Mart sells the average Disney Blu-Ray movie for about $25 plus tax, that is an immediate savings of $124. The fifth or sixth title (depending on what promotional offer you receive when you join) costs only about $10 at the time of enrollment. This is a savings of $15 on that movie title.

In addition, as I stated above, this last movie title fulfills one of the membership purchase requirements, leaving only three full-price movies to be purchased.

These three movie titles cost an average of $29 per title from the movie club. While this is a higher cost than the average Wal-Mart price, the overall savings is still greater with the movie club experience.

In the end, the movie club will provide your family with 10 Disney Blu-Ray titles for an out-of-pocket cost of about $115 plus tax and shipping. Purchasing the same 10 titles at Wal-Mart will cost about $250 plus tax.

As you can see, I really think the Disney Movie Club is a way to save money and provide some family-friendly entertainment (and even some gifts) in an inexpensive way.