MIDDLE GEORGIA BOOKSHELF: 'Jimmy Carter in Plains: The Presidential Hometown'

"Jimmy Carter in Plains" by Robert Buccellato
"Jimmy Carter in Plains" by Robert Buccellato

By Robert Buccellato of Crawfordville, Florida

96 pages, $22.99 (Arcadia Publishing and The History Press)

What it's about: The physical connections to most American presidents are unfamiliar. One can no longer see Washington's birthplace or William Henry Harrison's log cabin. Plains is different, and the attachment Americans have for it remains unique. "Jimmy Carter in Plains" tells the story of how one man and his community transformed a nation.

The author says: Well my favorite fact is that Charles Plants pictures are featured extensively in the book. He was the only photographer given Secret Service access and it shows! He was also the only photographer granted up close access on election night and morning to the candidate and the Carter family.

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By the same author: "Florida Governors: Lasting Legacies" (Arcadia Publishing)