Middle Georgia Bookshelf: ‘After the Meltdown’

By John Charles Griffin of Macon

103 pages, $20 (Snake Nation Press)

What it’s about: This book is a versatile mix of narrative and lyrical poetry illustrated by unique and artsy photographs taken by the author. The book’s first section, “Dirt Road Visionary,” provides insights on childhood in rural environs. Section two, “Women & Tranquility,” is a series of poems describing the agony and ecstasy of modern-day romance. The third section, “Cars, Money, & Telephones,” is a variety pack of poetry and lyrics.

The author says:

“Daddy taught me how to cuss

And reach for the stars,

Mama taught me how to love

Through the eyes of a cookie jar.”

Where to find it: and Golden Bough bookstore on Cotton Avenue.