THE COOL KID’S GUIDE TO READING: I’ll take Readers Rule for four hundred

I’m pretty sure, O Best Ones, that you like to watch “Jeopardy!” And that you get most of the questions that are supposed to be answers right.

I do. We’re readers, after all, so we have that broad knowledge that impresses and/or irritates our loved and/or tolerated ones.

One category I dig the daggest is Book Titles In Other Words.

You might ... OH! MY! GOD! WHAT IS THAT?

OK, listen quick now. While the producers of “Jeopardy!” are swiveling their heads in fear and confusion, I’m going to steal their proprietary category for a fun quiz to brighten your blueberries.

Is that what ... OH NO! THAT CAN’T BE!


Not all the titles are literally synonymous, but I’m sure you’ll get the gist. And the jests.


I think they just ran out of the room. Good. Now we can finish.

The first three are easy. The second three are Double Jeopardy level. And if you get the last three, you’re a steely eyed rocket jockey.

1. “William Tintract”

2. “A Glow”

3. “Tom Brady Matches”

4. “Smart Lineage”

5. “Hippies in Outer Space: Rand McNally 4th Edition”

6. “Grainy Hillock”

7. “Titanic”

8. “Beep ... beepbeep ... beepbeepbeepbeep ...”

9. “Extrication”

Answers: (1) “David Copperfield” (2) “The Shining” (3) “Patriot Games” (4) “Wise Blood” (5) “The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (6) “Dune” (7) “Watership Down” (8) “As I Lay Dying” (9) “Deliverance”

How did you do?

Hmmm. And did you remember to phrase your answers in the form of a question?

Oh no. Rotterdam. Rotterdam.

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