THE COOL KID’S GUIDE TO READING: Test your brain, win a book

Sometimes I look over at Bear and I say, “There are two songs this archangel sings.”

And Bear smiles.

Bear sits in the box next to mine at The Telegraph. We have a special bond.

And his name is Mongo.

Mongo is a professor of criminology, a karate man and a dwarf. He’s the lead character in a series of phantasmagorical thrillers by the late George C. Chesbro, one of which is “Two Songs This Archangel Sings.”

Bear and I love those books, and we would love to have you join our little karass.

At the bottom of this astounding arrangement of the alphabet is a two-part quiz. I’m going to give a copy of the first Mongo book -- “Shadow of a Broken Man -- to a steely eyed rocket jockey who can answer both parts correctly.

A few things first:

You have to send your answers to rwaters@ by midnight Tuesday. If more than one wunderkind gets both parts right, I’ll choose a winner in a fair, random way. If no one gets both parts right, I’ll choose from all replies. I’ve got to give it away. Mrs. Cool Kid is tired of it being the dining table centerpiece.

It’s a used British copy I ordered online -- which only makes it better! We are the world!

Telegraph employees can’t play. Nor can their loved and/or tolerated ones.

Only one entry per Best One.

You ready?

Be forewarned: It’s trickier than it seems. So tricky, me thinks, that you might even want to be fivewarned or sixwarned.


Put on your favorite thinking pie.

Here’s the two-part quiz:

1. What is the last word in this sentence.

2. What is the fourth word in this sentence.

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