THE COOL KID’S GUIDE TO READING: Too horrible to peruse

The Cool Kid is thinking about sleeping on the couch, because Mrs. Cool Kid is in one of her moods.

It’s her “reading true crime books” mood. A very icky mood. A scary mood.

True crime books are the literary version of great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts.

I can’t read them. I’m OK with fictional violence, but reading about awful things happening to real people kind of takes the fun out of it.

But Mrs. Cool Kid occasionally gets on that kick, and it worries me.

Surely my sweet, gentle bride can’t enjoy those books. But if she doesn’t read them for enjoyment purposes, what reason could it be?

Educational purposes?

So the Cool Kid thinks about sleeping on the couch.

Not that he can, really. The couch is where JoJo, the Cool Dog, sleeps.

So I lie in bed, O Best Ones, trying to sleep with one eye open.

I look over and see the title of her current reading nightmare. It’s called “Cellar of Horror.”

The Cool Kid does not have a cellar. Close call.


The above is for entertainment purposes only. The Cool Kid is not really afraid of Mrs. Cool Kid -- not much anyway.

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