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This is Viewpoints for Monday, July 23

Alternative school

Only in Bibb County would an alternative school be placed in the best performing high school in the district. If you will remember, Hutchings Career Center has had the highest graduation rate in Bibb County for a number of years, and last year it was the only Bibb County high school to beat the average graduation rate for the state of Georgia.

If I were a parent of a Hutchings student, I would be calling the board office and raising all kinds of heck. Though, honestly, I would not pull my student from the school just yet. Hutchings is still the best-performing, and safest high school in the county, even if Superintendent Dallemand just attached the alternative school to it.

-- Richard Dawson


Headed for a crash

Day after day after day, America continues to slide into oblivion. Absolutely nothing good happens as the politicians lie, weasel, whine and deceive the voters. The Democrats promise everyone a chicken in every pot and get it free while you vote. The Republicans say if you need water, let it rain on me and you can have my sweat and that will be enough for you. And voters stand in groups like glassy-eyed dumbbells soaking it all up.

The voters seem to live by the belief that if a politician says it, then it must be true. We have elected a group of people who believe you can fool all of the people all of the time. Our current candidates for president are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to spread confusion.

It seems anything is OK if you do it by taxing citizens. No wonder that local officials in Middle Georgia are promoting a T-SPLOST for roads in the July election. They believe that in all of the confusion, the dumb citizens will come through. Wash your face, comb your hair, put on a white shirt, tie and a suit and the dumb voters will believe you. Somewhere, the voters must realize that the money they have earned belongs to them and not to politicians. Vote no on the T-SPLOST.

-- Robert Blackshear

Warner Robins

Let the voters decide

Should Georgia have casino gambling with funds going to education? I am curious about these kind of ballot questions. Why is it that we’ve elected representatives and then they ask us to vote? It seems we’ve given away a great amount of ground to referendums, and from my current perspective, our representatives have abdicated responsibility. Am I mistaken?

-- Martha Finnell


No pride in defiance

This appeared on page 2A of the Macon Telegraph on Friday, July 20: “The Defense Department on Thursday announced it is allowing service members to march in uniform in the San Diego’s gay pride parade for the first time in U.S. history.” The Bible makes it crystal clear that God does not approve of homosexual conduct. First, President Obama signs a law allowing gays to use the military to openly defy God. Next, he comes out in support of same sex marriages; meaning he approves of a woman lying with a woman and a man lying with a man in holy matrimony in defiance of God. The San Diego gay pride parade is gays celebrating their pride in defying God, nothing more. And now the White House is supporting this. And there’s no outrage, none whatsoever. Why?

M. Diane Middleton

Peach County

Just say no

Consolidation supporters seem to be of the “incrementalism” persuasion. They deem that we must put gradual reforms in place, that swinging for the fences will not reap any benefits. The problem is that incrementalism seldom leads to radical improvement.

Point in case is Bill Clinton’s welfare reform (with the assistance of Newt). This was an incremental improvement enacting job training/seeking requirements to continued benefits. The opposition screamed that women and children would go hungry. Well, the reality was that the welfare rolls were trimmed.

Instead of riding the momentum, politicians only held their ground -- long enough for a certified big government fascist to be elected.

Now the Obama administration is, by fiat, striking all job requirements from the WRA. This is a blatant vote buy from a committed statist regime that could have been headed off if only Congress had continued the successful formula of making welfare less inviting.

On the local level, the measly 5 percent per year cuts proposed in the consolidation language will have little to no real effect. The sticking point, to me, of the consolidation issue is in the failure of the delegation to push through non-partisan primary voting. This issue alone will ensure the current political class stays in power. Vote no on consolidation and the T-SPLOST.

-- Mitchell Clark


Not a volunteer

I plan on voting for consolidation, not for what I think it will do for me -- my taxes, etc., however, to think as a present county resident that I will be under the control of decisions made by the likes of James Timely. The “Park Bench” episode makes me think about changing my mind.

It is my opinion that Macon cannot survive without consolidation. The bickering and power plays continuously going on City Council have been a thorn in Macon’s side, at least as long as I have lived in Bibb County. Will it stop with consolidation? For the sake of this community I hope so. As for the T-SPLOST, I will vote no. Will politicians ever have enough of our money? Probably not, but I will not volunteer mine.

-- Don Nolen


Today’s prayer

Dear father in heaven, thank you for giving us your guidelines for every area of our lives. We know that when we follow your ways and keep your commandments, we will enjoy blessings in this life. Lord, help us to be honest in all of our dealings with money so that we will be blessed. Forgive us when we have put money into the wrong things. Lord, forgive those who have stolen from us and taken advantage of us. We look to you to restore what was lost. May we use our money and resources to not only take care of our responsibilities, but to also give, to help others and to help get the gospel out to others. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

-- Joanne Prater


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