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Antipasto express tuna ziti salad

1 pound ziti pasta4 ribs celery, diced1/2 cup sweet relish2 cups mayonnaise3 (6-1/2-ounce) cans white water-packed tuna, drained and flaked2 ripe but firm tomatoes, cut in bite-size pieces1 (3-1/4-ounce) can pitted black olives, drainedShredded fresh lettuce

Makes 6 servings (up to 12 for lunch).

Cook ziti according to package directions until al dente. Drain, chill in cold water and drain again. Set aside.

In a large bowl, gently mix the celery, relish, mayonnaise and tuna. Mix thoroughly, but be sure some bite-size pieces of tuna remain. Fold in ziti, tomatoes and olives. Serve on a bed of shredded lettuce.

Nutritional information per serving (based on 6): 971 calories (59 percent from fat), 63.8 g fat (9.8 g saturated, 16.4 g monounsaturated), 65.6 mg cholesterol, 32.4 g protein, 66.1 g carbohydrates, 3.8 g fiber, 1,021.2 mg sodium.