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Chimichurri sauce

Chimichurri sauce

2 cups loose-packed fresh parsley

1 cup loose-packed cilantro leaves

4 garlic cloves, peeled

1/4 medium onion, chopped

1 jalapeño pepper, seeds and ribs removed

1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil

1/4 cup red wine or sherry wine vinegar

1/4 cup water

Makes 12 servings.

In a food processor fitted with the metal blade or blender, process or puree all ingredients until smooth.

I love this sauce spooned on just about anything, including Moros Y Cristianos (recipe given), rice, pasta, grilled vegetables or tofu.

Nutritional information per serving: 49 calories, 88 percent calories from fat, 5 grams total fat, .67 gram saturated fat, no cholesterol, 1 gram carbohydrates, .48 gram total fiber, .33 gram total sugars, .85 gram net carbs, .43 gram protein, 7 milligrams sodium.

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