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Reichert to be next Macon mayor

The Robert Reichert era has dawned in Macon.

To the surprise of nearly no one — save, perhaps, David Cousino and his immediate friends and family — Reichert on Tuesday walked away with Macon's mayoral race.

The former state legislator had won every precinct, as he did in the primary, and was taking more than 96 percent of the vote with one precinct and absentee votes not yet reported. In raw numbers, Reichert was blasting Cousino 8,613 votes to 348 votes.

Voters sent a message of unity, Reichert said, that will make Macon a model for the entire nation.

"If we work together I'm convinced there's no limit to what we can accomplish in this community," said Reichert, who gathered with supporters at the Armory Ballroom in downtown Macon. "We've got all of the component pieces. We've got all the natural resources, the location and the people, the climate and everything else we need. Macon is fixin' to catch fire and grow."