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Christina Schubert

High school: Mary Persons High School


AIM: Stinamp07

Activities and achievements: I was in Beta Beta for 1 year.I was in SADD(Students Agaisnt Drunk Driving)for 1 year.I was in Wildlife Unlimited for 3 years.I was on the Empescope staff for 3 years, and section editor 1 year.I was in the top 5% of my class my Freshman year.I was Homecoming representative my Senior year.

My Last Will and Testament: To Jimmy Ray I leave you my heart and all the memories that we have made and the ones we have yet to make. To Kayla Ray I leave you the ability to keep your head up and to stay strong when times get hard. To Abbott I leave you my parking space(#26). To B. Mosely I leave you all the crazy things we have done and said in the Empescope room. To Rosalind I leave you the ability to handle B. Mosely when she gets out of hand. To the rest of the underclassmen I leave you the chance to make your future great and to achieve all your goals!

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