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Courtney Boyd

High school: Warner Robins High School


Yahoo IM: surpreyes89

Activities and achievements: DECA Region Champion, State Champion, and ICDC Competitor

My Last Will and Testament: Years from now I'd like to reflect upon these last few moments, the last classes, no finals, graduation rehearsal, etc., and be able to imagine a time when nothing in my life quite made sense, but hope for the future seemed to make nothing else matter. The small, petty things ... the fights, disagreements, and bickering ... were all something I steered away from. If only my peers could see the ignorance of their actions now, maybe we'd all be able to join in a common cause. After all, if the time-tried and repetitiously told story is true, these really are the moments we'll forever miss. You're only a senior once, if you do it right the first time, lol. These moments can't be bought, these memories relived. Make the most of each day, and hopefully each second will be one that takes your breath away. :D

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