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Jason Griffin

High school: Central High School


AIM: chomponthises1

Activities and achievements: Extracurricular Activities:-Varsity Soccer Team (2003-2007)-Varsity Cross Country Team (2004-2005)-Varsity Football Team (2004-2007)-Macon United Classic II Club Traveling Soccer Team (2003-2005)-JROTC Cadet (2004-2007)-JROTC Unit Commander (2005-2006)-Varsity JROTC Raider Team (2004-2007)-Varsity JROTC Rifle Team (2003-2004, 2006-2007)-Young Republicans (2006-2007)-FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) (2003-2007)-Earth Club (2006-07)-Science Club (2006-07)

Awards and Honors:-Distinguished Military Graduate of Central High School (2007)-Highest Average in AP Biology (2007)-Founder of Young Republicans Club (2006)-President of Young Republicans Club (2007)-Promoted to the rank of Captain and put in the command of a Company (approximately 45 cadets) (2006)-Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and made the Battalion XO. (2007)

-CENTRAL HIGH 2006 Wendy's High School Heisman Nominee.-Captain of Soccer Team (2006-2007)-Most Valuable Player Soccer (2007)-Received honors of All-Region for soccer (2003) Named for ability and leadership on the soccer field.-Nominated to attend the Junior Statesman Summer School; Nomination based on academic achievements and a high interest in American politics.-Who's Who Among American High School Students (2007)-The Local Chapter of the Military order of World Wars medal; award to the one cadet in JROTC who displays exemplary military knowledge, aptitude, and citizenship.-Co Commander of JROTC Varsity Raider team (2005-2007)-President of Earth Club (2006-2007)-Commander of JROTC Rifle team (2006-2007)-Graduate of the 2006 Georgia Boys State-Nominated to the GA Superintendent Student Advisory Council-Runner up for Homecoming King (2006)-Co-Captain of football team-Soccer Region Champs (2004)-Vice President of Young Republicans Club (2006)-Football Special Teams Player of the week (Sept. 2, 2006)-JROTC Cadet of the Month (November 2005)-JROTC Ribbons-

1. Perfect Attendance. (Awarded to cadets with no absences during each semester) (received once)2. Leadership Education Training Service (Awarded for successful completion of first semester of each LET year) (received three times)3. Varsity Athletics (Awarded to cadets who excel in Varsity sports) (received 8 times)4. Physical Fitness (Awarded to cadets who maintain an excellent degree of physical fitness) (received twice)5. SAI instructor Leadership (Awarded to one cadet annually who displays the highest degree of leadership) (received once)6. Personal Appearance (Awarded to cadets annually who consistently present an outstanding appearance) (received twice)7. Proficiency (Awarded to cadets who have demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of leadership, academic achievement, and performance of duty.) (Received three times)8. Orienteering (Awarded to cadets who are members of orienteering teams) (received three times)9. Adventure Training (Awarded to cadets who are members of adventure training units) (received three times)10. Commendation (Awarded to cadets whose performance of duty exceptionally exceeds that expected of a cadet of his grade and experience) (received once)11. Good Conduct (Awarded to cadets who have demonstrated outstanding conduct throughout the school year) (received once)12. Parade (Awarded to cadets who have participated in local community parades) (received four times)13. Recruiting (Awarded to cadets who recruit students into the JROTC program) (received once)14. Service learning (Awarded to cadets who participate in service learning projects) (received twice)15. Golden Wreath (Awarded to the top 10% of JROTC in academics, leadership, and conduct)16. Distinguished Cadet (Awarded annually to one cadet who exhibits the highest degree of excellence in scholastics.)17. Iron Man Tab (Awarded annually to the cadets who competed in the cadet challenge physical fitness test, which determines strength, endurance, and flexibility. Only those who score a perfect score of 500 will be recognized as Iron Man.)18. Battalion Neatest Cadet (Awarded to one Male and one Female Cadet annually that displays the highest sense of military bearing and neatness.)

My Last Will and Testament: I would like to thank all the people in my life who have cared for me and always know I would become something great. I will leave behind my legacy at Central high school and go onto make another one in my future. I will miss all my fellow seniors at CHS. WHOSE HOUSE? C'S HOUSE!!!

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