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Courtney Broadnax

High school: Crawford County High School


Yahoo IM: Courtney3125

Activities and achievements: Well SENIOR year was full of many memories. All the times I had with my friends and everything. All the parties that went on and the fun times at the football games. I'm going to miss high school. I have almost achieved my dreams, now I'm going to go to college to become a nurse! I only had one class my Senior year, so I sent most of my time helping out with the school and such not.

My Last Will and Testament: I, Courtney Danielle Broadnax, being of well mind and pure body do hereby leave the following. I leave my love to all my friends that I am leaving this year. To all the teachers thanks for everything. If it wasn't for the teachers at CCHS I wouldn't have made it to finish school. Thanks for everything! To my mama, I leave my Diploma that I am receiving. To the upcoming Seniors I wish y'all the Best of Luck in everything that you do. I hope that you choose the right decision and accomplish your dreams!

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