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This is Viewpoints for Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018

Democrats on Kavanaugh committee were lazy

On Sept. 4, I wrote on the opinion comment page to please read the transcript of Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Nebraska, where he claimed Congress isn’t doing their job but relying on other branches to step in. Well, an excellent example was demonstrated by the Democrats in the committee hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. After Christine Blasey Ford revealed her accusations naming possible witnesses, the GOP investigated all and received testimony under oath that they knew of no such actions on behalf of Judge Kavanaugh. While the Democrats on the committee were too lazy to do anything except beg for the FBI to step in while they sat in their little comfortable seats reaping taxpayers’ salary and life-time benefits. They were and are a disgrace to their profession. Thanks to Erick Erickson for his Sept. 28 column, “Real victim of assault here is Kavanaugh, and the Democrats are the perpetrators.”

Faye W. Tanner,


Why women don’t report

Mr. Erick Erickson (Sept. 28, “Real victim of assault here is Kavanaugh, and the Democrats are the perpetrators”) is an excellent demonstration of why many women will not report sexual assault.

Jack Mahaney,


Don’t blame the victim

The Macon-Bibb County Pedestrian Safety Review Board held its final of six “education” presentations on Sept. 27 at the Douglass Theatre. The board’s efforts to improve pedestrian safety with a $20,785 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety seem to have come to a conclusion with a fashion show of bright clothing, “Dress To Be Seen.” Seriously?! Once again, the board is criminalizing the person walking by placing the blame and burden, not where it belongs on our dangerous roads, but on the victims themselves, and that’s just plain wrong.

Every professional urban planning and pedestrian/bicycle safety study that I have read prioritizes infrastructure improvements, not educating the pedestrian. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety says this: “Education programs generally have not been effective in reducing pedestrian crashes. Based on systematic reviews of evaluations of programs aimed at educating children about pedestrian safety, education alone has had mixed success in improving children’s knowledge or road-crossing behavior. There is evidence that education programs for children can be effective when combined with traffic engineering improvements or other types of interventions.”

That grant of taxpayer dollars could have been more wisely spent by buying a little paint and concrete to retrofit our high speed roads into safe “Complete Streets” designs instead of, well, a fashion show. Please, do quality research and stop blaming the victim/pedestrian.

Lee Martin,


Socialism binds us together

Georgia Secretary of State (and gubernatorial candidate) Brian Kemp and others have started tossing out the “socialist” and “socialism” flag words for their followers to mindlessly repeat. I guess they don’t understand the United States is a capitalist/socialist nation, and both have served us well. Here is a partial list I recently found of these “terrible” socialist things:

Every branch of our armed services, FBI, Department of Defense, Social Security Administration, Medicare, the Pentagon, IRS, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Education, Secret Service, Department of Justice, the White House, PBS, Customs and Border Protection, interstates, highways, Medicaid, all elected government officials, sewer systems, public transportation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unemployment insurance, laws, law enforcement, food stamps, polio vaccine, swine flu vaccine, jail and prison systems, corporate bail outs, welfare, garbage collection, U.S. Postal Service, student loans and grants, and the Department of Homeland Security are among just a few.

Socialism is the glue that binds us together and makes possible the things that we could not accomplish as individuals working against each other.

Carl Pirkle,


Pedestrians get some of the blame

I read a letter in The Telegraph Sept. 30 (“Pedestrian victims aren’t to blame”) which seems to absolve pedestrians of any blame when they get run over trying to cross multi-lane roads, in the dark, wearing dark clothing, in between well-lighted, well-marked and signaled intersections. I see it repeatedly on roads in Warner Robins, day and night, and wonder who raised these people (the victims). He says it’s just plain wrong to blame the victims. Hogwash!

I hope the writer isn’t in charge of anything that could affect my life.

Jerry Norris,

Warner Robins