Around The Tube

Just some various thoughts/news items for Thursday:

--Joss Whedon, who just signed on to direct "Avengers 2," will also help produce a live-action "Avengers" TV series for ABC. We don't have any idea what the series is about or if it will tie-in directly to the "Avengers"-universe movies.

Marvel, which is now a part of Disney, which owns ABC, had been in talks to do three live action series: a new version of "The Hulk," a series based on "Heroes For Hire," and one based on Jessica Jones, a former agent of SHIELD. It's not known if Whedon will be taking over one of these ideas, or coming up with something different.

For Whedon, it marks his return to TV after "Dollhouse" from a few years ago. Whedon had his share of headaches with network executives who far too often interfered with his various series. But all of those disputes were with Fox TV, which produced the series. ABC (and Disney), on the other hand, will likely give Whedon free reign considering he just made the one of the most successful movies of all-time.

--I've heard the Spice Girls are the main musical act for the closing of the Olympics Sunday. Wow, uninspired much? Going from Sir Paul McCartney to the Spice Girls? Who is going to open for them, the Pet Shop Boys and Rick Astley? What else is planned, Princess Margaret jet-packing out of the stadium with George Lazenby?

While the ratings have been good, NBC's coverage has been somewhat hit and miss. Watching events live online rather than wait for the tape delay hasn't been all that successful. Most notably, the internet dragged during the 100m sprint final as too many people signed in to watch Usain Bolt go for the gold. All NBC needed was for the internet to work for literally 10 seconds, but that wasn't the case.

Also, I have no idea why the NBC Sports cable network isn't showing the Games full-time. Every night during primetime, the network is showing sports movies like "Wildcats" or "Any Given Sunday." Considering how much of the Olympics isn't shown, I can't understand why the network isn't showing even some of the lesser sports on tape delay rather than decade-old movies. I can understand why MSNBC switches from daytime Olympic coverage to its regular political coverage -- after all, it's not primarily a sports channel and it is election season -- but that should be the case with NBC Sports.

THURSDAY'S BEST BETS: In addition to the coverage of the Olympics, "Burn Notice" (USA, 9 p.m.) is new, as is "Suits" at 10 p.m., which flashes back five years to the time when Daniel left the firm originally because of the money he took.

Also new is the FX lineup of "Anger Management," "Wilfred," "Louie" and "Brand X" from 9:30-11:30 p.m.

On the networks, ABC airs a new episode of "Rookie Blue" at 10 p.m.