Get In On The 'Inside'

I've been a great fan of BBC America's "Dramaville," though I have to admit the last miniseries to run, "White Heat," was a disappointment on which I gave up after the first episode.

Fortunately, things are back in full gear tonight with the debut of the four-part miniseries "Inside Men" (BBC America, 10 p.m.)

I love a good caper movie, and this miniseries doesn't disappoint in that aspect, as we look at three workers at a cash depot who look to rip off the business for all its money in one daring heist.

The movie works on two different timelines -- starting with the night of the heist and its aftermath, then switching to nine months earlier and the events that led up to it.

Steven Mackintosh ("Luther") stars as John, the firm's manager who spends much of his life trying to keep up appearances. He's very good at his job, but usually goes unnoticed. One night, he catches a security guard (Ashley Walters) and a laborer (Warren Brown) trying to sneak out small sums of cash.

Rather than turn them in, he hatches a huge scheme to take down tens of millions from the company. Meanwhile, the writers show us the home life of the three men and why each has his own motivation for committing the robbery. But when you are talking about that much money, can these guys really trust each other? Is there honor among thieves?

Tune in to the four-part series and find out.

WEDNESDAY'S BEST BETS: If you think Gaius Charles ("Friday Night Lights") is getting typecast as a football star, well, all I can say is that he plays a completely different type of character on "Necessary Roughness" (USA, 10 p.m.), playing a timid draft pick for the team. It follows a new "Royal Pains" at 9 p.m.

On the networks, Justin Bieber has a special on NBC at 8 p.m. I'll be busy doing anything else. "So You Think You Can Dance" (Fox, 8 p.m.) and "Duets" (ABC, 9:30 p.m.) are also new.