Around The Dial

At the beginning of the TV season, two of the shows I picked as my favorite new entries were ABC's "The Whole Truth" and FX's "Terriers."

Both are finished, according to the networks.

ABC, which had already pulled "Truth" for sweeps, brought it back last Wednesday only to announce yesterday that it is yanking it permanently from the schedule.

The clever legal drama, which shows a case from the prosecutor's and defender's points of view and kept you guessing until the end, has about seven episodes left, but ABC apparently feels no compulsion to air them in the dead month of December or on a Saturday night, instead airing reruns.

"Terriers," meanwhile, made it to the end of its first and only season, wrapping up most of the storylines, but leaving the final moments open-ended. FX officials admitted they loved the show, as did the critics and its small, devoted fan base, but the ratings were among the network's worst ever.

Was the show marketed badly? Was "Terriers" a bad title? It's hard to say, because what made the show good was its clever mix of drama and humor. I thought it really fit in well with the FX style of shows. But network execs said that even if "Terriers" had doubled its ratings over its final few episodes, it still wouldn't have been renewed.

Fair enough. At least FX allowed the viewers some closure by airing all of the episodes, which is more than what ABC is doing.

Meanwhile, other new shows are doing better. "The Walking Dead," the most compelling new show of the season, set ratings records for AMC and was renewed after its second episode. Ditto for HBO's stylish "Boardwalk Empire."

CBS has fared the best of any network with its new offerings, having the top-rated new drama in "Hawaii Five-0" as well as the critically acclaimed "Blue Bloods."

TUESDAY'S BEST BETS: "Glee" (Fox, 8 p.m.) wraps up the winter with a Christmas themed episode in which Brittany still believes in Santa. It's followed by "Raising Hope" and "Running Wilde."

"No Ordinary Family" (ABC, 9 p.m.) puts the spotlight on the show's terrific sidekicks, George (Romany Falco) and Katie (Autumn Reeser). It's followed by "Detroit 187" at 10 p.m.

NBC brings back "Minute To Win It" at 8 p.m., pushing "The Biggest Loser" to 9 p.m. The CW has new episodes of "One Tree Hill" and "Life Unexpected," which also won't be renewed but the network is at least allowing it to burn off its remaining episodes.

On cable, SyFy returns with new, holiday-themed episodes of "Eureka" and "Warehouse 13" from 9-11 p.m.