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Tender chicken gets Caribbean touch at Glyn’s

The jerk chicken at Glyn’s Caribbean & American Restaurant in Warner Robins is very tender and comes with rice and peas and salad.
The jerk chicken at Glyn’s Caribbean & American Restaurant in Warner Robins is very tender and comes with rice and peas and salad. Jason Vorhees/The Telegraph

When I first glanced at the jerk chicken I ordered from Glyn’s Caribbean & American Restaurant, it resembled very tender pieces of pork rib meat.

The Warner Robins restaurant, open for about six months, is in the former Lyn’s Philippine Restaurant on Watson Boulevard, and is named after its owner James Glyn, who also operated another business in Florida.

The jerk chicken I tried was indeed very tender and had been marinated and seasoned throughout its outer skin with seasonings. You can order the signature Jamaican dish mild or hot, but even the mild has a slightly smoked, fiery kick, so be prepared. Keep in mind you can rub a jerk seasoning over anything you like, such as poultry, fish, beef and other meats. And the more you rub on, the better.

All lunch and dinner orders include a small portion, placed in carry-out containers, starting at $7.75, or large starting at $8.85. You can order white rice, with the broth of your favorite meat, rice and peas, and stewed cabbage, which includes chopped greens and veggies.

A stewed chicken option, small for $7.75, is also another delicious dish if you’re looking for something very mild and simple. Cooked in onions, the fall-off-the-bone pieces held a slightly smoked aftertaste as well. With rice and the popular cabbage side, it can make a very fulfilling, tasty lunch.

You also have the option of choosing a side item for an additional $2.50. Try the plantains. You get six bite-sized pieces of fried bananas, very ripened and sweet. It’s a popular dish I always enjoyed growing up, and it can be eaten alone, with a meal or even as a dessert if you wish. Other sides include macaroni and cheese, French fries, collards, green beans, corn, cole slaw and cornbread.

Other items on the menu include curry chicken, oxtail, curry goat and jerk ribs. For vegetarians, there’s curry/jerk vegetables, which includes broccoli, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, red and green peppers, and onions for $8.85, and served with rice and plantains. There’s also a vegetable stew, a mixture of green peas, corn, butterbeans, onion and garlic cooked in a coconut sauce; and a caribbean plate featuring veggies in a curry sauce.

The cooked-to-order items include fish, stew, curry or jerk shrimp, a spicy pepper shrimp, or fried pork chops. All are served with rice and vegetables. And if you’re looking for fish only, there’s the options of catfish, flounder, tilapia, whiting, perch, mullet and trout.

Jerk wings in hot, mild honey mustard, lemon pepper or barbecue flavor start at $5.49 for six wings, on up to $49.99 for 100 pieces.

Glyn’s also serves breakfast Fridays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. with various fish, cornmeal porridge and salmon patties starting at $3.25.

At $1.60 per bottle, the restaurant also has about a dozen or so offerings of various Jamaican sodas. Homemade desserts include a Jamaican rum cake, buttermilk spice cake and various other tempting desserts starting at $1.50. Call about any lunch specials.

Glyn’s Caribbean & American Restaurant

Three stars

Address: 2203-B Watson Blvd., Warner Robins

Phone: 293-1295

Price range: $6-$13, wings up to $49.99

Reservations: No

Dress: Casual

Noise level: Low

Children’s menu: No

Vegetarian selections: Yes

Handicapped accessible: Yes

Alcohol: No

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