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Buffington's keeps it fun and funky

Buffington's in Milledgeville specializes in pub grub like this chicken
Buffington's in Milledgeville specializes in pub grub like this chicken club. The Telegraph

The Buff, known formally as Buffington's, is a local "watering hole" in Milledgeville. This restaurant by day, bar by night, has a variety of foods and drinks to satisfy any customer. If you have a sense of humor that is.

When you walk in there is no apparent theme, just a hodgepodge of wall dcor and a menu that can't make up its mind. The back of the menu contains a cheesy story of two pioneers who created the restaurant (totally false by the way) and their ever-so-boring story. However the inside of the menu is all music- and movie-related. It didn't make any sense to me.

The menu is pretty extensive. It has everything from nachos to BLTs. This takes us back to the theme of the menu. Dishes have names like Bob Marley soup ($4.50), which is a creamy Caribbean chicken and rice soup, and Hendrix fried chicken sandwich ($6.95). But don't think it's only named after musicians. The Rocky Top salad ($8.25) is made of angus steak strips served on a Caesar salad with blue cheese. Basically a black and blue, hence the name. The Caesar salad is called the Julius ($6.25), and the Diggity Dank nachos ($7.95) are named after Elvis.

There are many items that aren't themed on the menu. A few "opening acts" or appetizers are the fried pickles ($4.75), cheese sticks ($6.25) and onion petals ($6.25). They offer a Nacho Momma's Salad ($7.50) and also a Neptune Salad $(8.95), which is salmon or shrimp on top of a salad. They have a few hamburgers, including the famous Buff Burger ($6.95), the King Kong burger ($9.50), and the Swiss-n-shrooms ($7.50), burger with sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. They also offer a variety of wings, quesadillas, nachos and wraps.

On my first trip, I ordered the BLT ($5.95), onion petals and fried pickles. My BLT was impressive. However, the other two were less than that. The onion petals were stale tasting, and the fried pickles weren't as moist as I would want, or even expect them to be.

On my second trip I ordered a Rocky half-size salad and some Bob Marley soup. My friend ordered a Buff Burger. My soup tasted great. It was a sweet creamy base with a spicy bite to it. The salad was mediocre, nothing too special about it, just your basic black and blue. The burger was moist, well-seasoned and a good size - all three important traits for a killer burger.

Overall the meal wasn't bad, and neither was the experience. Decent food, humorous dcor and some music make for a good time in my book. Buffington's bar, grill and chill may not have knocked my socks off, but it sure let me kick my feet up.


120 W. Hancock St., Milledgeville

Two and a half stars

Phone: (478) 414-1975

Hours: Food served from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Payment: Cash, check, credit card

Reservations: Not needed

Alcohol: Yes

Kids menu: No

Noise level: Moderate

Latest health rating: 97

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

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