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Fountain of Juice: Friendly to Earth and stomach, if not your wallet

Stop by Macon's Fountain of Juice for favorites like the California Club sandwich with roasted red pepper and tomato soup, and wash it all down with a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice.
Stop by Macon's Fountain of Juice for favorites like the California Club sandwich with roasted red pepper and tomato soup, and wash it all down with a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice. Jenna Findlan, The Telegraph

Fountain of Juice has fantastic sandwiches, a good-to-the-Earth attitude and a healthy feel, even if it is a little pricey.

And the ladies who work there are pretty and sweet. That always makes a difference.

This is the kind of place I'd been looking for in Macon. It's got a cool, everyone-knows-everyone feel to it. The ingredients seem fresh and healthy. There's stuff on the menu that you don't see in many places, like mixed olives and pomegranate salad.

There's a recycling bin near the door for your juice and water bottles. You can take the salad containers home and they're good for storing leftovers. The plastic cups are allegedly made of some sort of biodegradeable corn plastic. I don't know, maybe Al Gore owns stock in this place.

Oh, and they've got all kind of froufrou gourmet items, like ginger peach decaffeinated tea and mousse truffee. I have no idea what that second one is, but if you need it, they've got it.

Because of all this, please throw the word "hippie" onto the end of any sentence where I complain about something. For example:

It was good bread and seemed like high-quality mozzarella cheese, but $6.95 for a zucchini, pepper and cheese sandwich with garlic spread? At least throw in the chips, hippie.

See how that works? Good. Try it yourself:

A slice of quiche is $6.42? Did the costs of eggs skyrocket and I missed it?

Aside from the price, I'm willing to guarantee that everything tastes good. When it comes to the sandwiches, the bread is fresh, the cheese is fancy and the combinations are interesting. Who wouldn't want a bacon-turkey-avocado sandwich (hippie)?

The roast beef with horseradish mayo is freaking fantastic. The chicken pesto is good, though I like my pesto a little stronger. The veggie sandwich is also good (but see above, hippie).

The pomegranate salad was a big hit with several Telegraph staffers. The also offer a handful of other salads and daily soups. As for juice, that means smoothies. I tried one, as did a buddy of mine, and we both thought they were a little bland, if seemingly healthy. They use yogurt instead of milk or ice cream. Also, it's entirely possible that we're not really "smoothie" guys.

They also offer macaroni and cheese (with chicken and spinach) and turkey lasagna, but so far that's only available in large trays for take out. Individual portions would be nice, and I'm working on it.

You know what to add at the end of that sentence, right?

Fountain of Juice is building a reputation, so it's a crowded little shoe box at lunch. But they're already planning to expand next door, so that should be solved soon. In the meantime, try stopping by after the noon rush.

If I wasn't hopeful that the prices might be adjusted as Fountain of Juice grows into its popularity, I'd probably rank it at 2 stars. And if I didn't have that complaint at all, I'd probably go 3 stars because the food really is good.

As it is, I went with 3 stars. And I dig the recycling. Maybe I'm a hippie, too.

Fountain of Juice

3045 Vineville Ave.

Three stars

Phone: 755-5000

Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays

Payment: Cash, checks, credit cards

Price range: $6.50 to $7.50 for salads and sandwiches, chips and drinks extra. $4 for 16-ounce smoothies.

Reservations: No

Dress: Casual

Children's menu: No

Vegetarian selections: Yes

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Health code: 100

Alcohol: No

To contact writer Travis Fain, call 744-4213.