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Cultures collide at Miss Piggy Bar-B-Cue

I love barbecue. No, actually, I really love barbecue. I have been known on occasion to eat it a couple of times a week, I love it so much --- OK, maybe three or four times a week. So, when I read in The Telegraph that people were traveling from as far away as Atlanta to try the food at Miss Piggy Bar-B-Que, I knew it was a place I had to visit.

In a small little house-like building on Peach Parkway before you get to Fort Valley, it would be easy to miss if you weren't looking out for it. A screened-in porch with additional seating leads to a tiny interior where you'll find limited seating during the rush hours of lunch and dinner. Plans to expand the building in the future will come in handy, but you can also order take-out for now if it gets too crowded for your comfort.

What's especially great about Miss Piggy Bar-B-Que is the variety of the menu. You'll find the typical fare such as barbecue plates of a sandwich and two sides for $6.25 and a rib plate, which comes with two sides as well, for a little bit more. You'll also find items not so typical of a Southern barbecue joint, but just as mouth-watering, such as the Cuban sandwich and the chef's daily special of picadillo, both priced at $5.25. If you're looking to bring a little bit of culture to your meal, this is definitely the place to go.

As far as the barbecue goes, the flavor was a little smoky, and it had a little bit of kick to it without being overly spicy. The addition of peas to the Brunswick stew made it taste more like regular stew, and the coleslaw was very creamy and heavy on pickles, just the way I like it. One of my dining companions thought it was a little too heavy on the mayonnaise though. The ribs were judged to be tender and juicy, but a side of potato salad, more like mashed potatoes, didn't get as positive of a reaction.

One of my fellow diners ordered the Cuban sandwich, which she described as authentic. It came with sliced pork and cheese on real Cuban bread and a side of shoestring fries. She also ordered a side of tostones, or fried plantains, which were devoured by the group. Having ordered tostones from several places before, even in Puerto Rico, she said many are often prepared with a heavy amount of batter, but these were the best she had ever tasted because of the perfect blend of batter and plantain.

Another of my companions ordered the picadillo, which was a mixture of ground meat, potatoes, peas and a tomato-based sauce. It had a mild flavor and came served with a small side salad, rice and a bowl of beans, which had a slight pork flavor. She also ordered sweet bananas with her meal, which were delicious. The bananas, fried and layered with a sweet glaze, melted in the mouth.

We were all excited when we discovered they had flan for dessert, but weren't quite as thrilled after trying it. It tasted a little like it had been sitting in the refrigerator for a while and would have been much better fresh.

Overall, the drive was worth it to try out something new, and I'll definitely make the trip again when I'm in the mood for something special such as tostones --- but not when I'm just in the mood for barbecue.

Miss Piggy Bar-B-Que

2805 Peach Parkway (Ga. 49), Fort Valley

Three stars

Phone: (478) 825-0805

Hours: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily

Health rating: 100

Wheel chair: No

Vegetarian: Yes

Dress: Casual

Reservation: No

Price: $.75-$7.99

Payment: Cash, credit card

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