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At White Lightning, there's always room for more food

I have discovered a little piece of heaven just beyond the White Lightning BBQ sign at the corner of Spring and Walnut streets in Macon.

The food is so tasty in fact that every time I drive past the building I could swear I hear the barbecue calling my name - even if I've already just eaten. And if for some reason you think this is strange, then you obviously have not tried their French fries.

For those unfamiliar with the location, it is the home of the former Dylan's Sub Shop, which by the way, I was originally sad to see disappear. The layout is basically the same, only the blah yellow and green colors of the former restaurant have been replaced with vibrant shades of blue, red and black that, along with the friendly service, make the place more inviting when it comes to dining in.

The food is - and forgive me Fincher's and Pig In a Pit, I still love you - quite mouth-watering and delicious. My favorite meal is the barbecue sandwich with mild sauce, French fries and sweet tea - and oh my, it really is some sweet tea. The pulled pork is perfectly shredded and comes mixed with just the right amount of sauce. The mild sauce, tangy with a slight peppery kick is my favorite, but the spicy and sweet sauces are just as good.

The French fries, perfectly seasoned, salted and fried, are my favorite side, but I've tried all of the others. The potato salad is exactly what you would find at a summer picnic and has just the right consistency. The baked beans, while good, are your average run-of-the-mill baked beans.

The cole slaw is of the sweet variety and could use a little more kick. And the Brunswick stew is different every time I eat at White Lightning. The yummy barbecue flavor is always the same, but the consistency tends to vary. It's generally on the soupy side and could stand to be a little chunkier.

Also deserving of much praise are the ribs. And lest you think I'm going on and on like no one else would, I should mention that I shared a sampling of barbecue items with the copy desk at The Telegraph - some of the finest connoisseurs of take-out food in Middle Georgia. The food was overall rated threes and fours out of four stars, but the ribs got the best raves. Everyone loved the pepper rub on the ribs and one person said the meat was so tender she had to be extra careful not to bite through the bone!

Other choices at White Lightning include the sweet chicken salad sandwich, and a variety of salads, but let's face it - if this is a little piece of heaven, are you really going to order a salad?

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