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No java, but wings and more at Mo-Joe's

I have to confess. The first time I saw the sign for the restaurant Mo-Joe's, I thought it was a coffee shop.

So imagine my surprise when I walked inside and realized I wouldn't be getting any java, but I would have my pick of foods ranging from hot wings to hot dogs. And the selections seemed interesting enough, so on a Sunday afternoon, I settled in myself with three of my friends to try out the menu.

The first challenge was deciding what to eat. Wings obviously, but since we weren't sure about the sauce, the pleasant girl behind the counter let us sample all of them. The first bonus with this restaurant? The service was thumbs up throughout the entire meal, and the staff was always on the move delivering food and keeping the place clean.

Because the restaurant is fairly inexpensive, there was a lot we could and wanted to try. The appetizers range from mushrooms to onion rings to curly fries, with or without chili and cheese. Among our five appetizers (mushrooms, shroomies, nachos, cheese sticks and jalape–o poppers), only the schroomies fried with cheese around the mushroom got a mixed review.

Every meal can be turned into a combo meal, and that is what we did with our cheeseburger, polish dog and buffalo chicken wrap. Priced at around $5 with fries and a drink, the wrap was nearly more than I could handle. It was stuffed with food, resembling more of a burrito than a wrap, and it was delicious.

The burger was neither horrible nor amazing, but what got the most rave reviews were the onion rings that accompanied it. Not one person disagreed that they were excellent.

The polish dog, one of four kinds of hot dog to choose from, was also sampled and approved as tasty by the table. We also got an order of chicken wings, which were good, but it should be noted that the sauce should be served on the side, otherwise they become a bit soggy - more our fault, since we chose to have them dipped in sauce and then cooked.

The wings were the big test, since they're what the restaurant advertises with the slogan, "The best little wing joint in the neighborhood." After sampling the seven sauces (and taking those sauces back to the table with us), we got an order of lemon pepper, hot and extra hot.

The lemon pepper sauce had the least flavor once on the wing, but it was nothing a little extra sauce couldn't fix.

While the extra hot was OK, more time was spent dipping the wing into our samples of hot and medium sauces - both of which carried a wonderful flavor.

After a sample from the dessert menu, we left happy, stuffed and pleased with the newfound restaurant that serves fantastic food at a price comparable to fast food.


5966 Zebulon Road

Three and a half stars

Phone: (478) 757-8009

Hours: Monday-Friday 11 a.m.- 10 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday 9:30 a.m.-11 p.m.

Payment: Credit and cash

Price: $.50 (sides) - $42.99 (platters)

Reservations: No

Dress: Casual

Children's menu: Yes

Vegetarian selections: No

Noise level: Moderate

Latest health code rating: 99

Alcohol: Yes (beer only)

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