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LACS bring county mixed with hip-hop to Cox Capitol Theatre stage

The LACS, or Loud Ass Crackers, performing tonight at the Cox Capitol Theatre, have a different formula than most. But it’s certainly working.

The LACS are made up of hip-hop artist Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe and lead vocalist/guitarist Brian “Rooster” King. According to their online bio, they “mix 65 percent country music storytelling with 20 percent hip-hop attitude, add in 15 percent rock ’n’ roll plus 100 percent hard work.”

The two met in Baxley, when King moved to the south Georgia town, and soon realized they had similar musical tastes. They began working on music, selling their first album in Walmart parking lots before heading out on the road.

“When we make a mix CD on our computer, we don’t put together 30 songs that are straight country,” Sharpe said in the online bio. “We might have 10 country, 10 rock and 10 rap songs. We knew our kind of people would like it.”

The LACS recorded five CDs on their own before being signed by Average Joes Entertainment and have released two albums on Backroad Records, a subsidiary of Average Joes.

Opening the show will be 3 and Twenty, another band that mixes country with hip-hop, along with Southern rock and R&B.

-- Laura Shirley


When: 9 p.m. July 31

Where: Cox Capitol Theatre, 382 Second St.

Cost: $17-$20

Information: 478-257-6391;