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EAR TO THE GROUND: Music makes it ‘hotter here’

While the temperatures during the past month may have thoroughly explained why it is indeed “hotter here,” it also has been a good one for live music.

The month started with yet another house show put together by the Music Ambassadors program, but this one had a new -- and appreciated -- twist.

While previous Music Ambassadors shows have featured touring bands/artists playing in historic homes throughout Macon, this was the first one that brought an out-of-town artist to Macon to live -- and work -- for more than a few days.

This new live (for a spell) and work approach featured Ben Cassorla, a Philadelphia-born/Los Angeles transplant. The show itself was the culmination of Cassorla’s two-week stay in Macon.

Aside from fastidiously researching and enjoying Southern life (including barbecue and church) during those two weeks, he began working on his next record at Paul Hornsby’s Muscadine Studios here in Macon, even hiring local musicians to play on many of the tracks.

To fully appreciate this, you must understand this: The guy who produced his last record worked with Katy Perry. Yes, that Katy Perry. He’s also toured and worked with some of the most talented folks in the indie rock business.

The point: He had plenty of options for his new record, but he chose to come to Macon. His new record should be out within the year. We’ll keep y’all posted.

As I write this, the 10th annual Macon Film Festival is going on and Burt Reynolds is in town, which is always an exciting time in our fair city. The week this article hits newsstands the weekend of Bragg Jam.

If you’ve been before, you know why we’re excited about this. If you haven’t been before, you should fix that. For a $20 concert crawl ticket, you can see about 80 bands at a number of venues. More importantly, Macon comes alive to support music -- and a great cause -- in a way unlike any other time of year. Get more information at www.brag

In closing, an introduction may be in order. I am one of the Field Note Stenographers, which is a collective of local musicians who write about shows in our area with the idea that it will validate those who support live music while encouraging others to do the same. Find us on Facebook, Twitter (@FNStenographers) and at www.field

We believe that Macon’s music history is undeniable and should be celebrated -- but that doesn’t mean we can afford to ignore the upstarts in our community who are out there trying to make great original music either.

No one can deny the simple fact that some of the music created right here in Macon forever changed music worldwide.

Believe it or not, music is still being created right now in Macon. It’s good music that could and should lead to great things, but it needs your support to make it happen. It’s your music, Macon. Get dirty. Dig the field.

Chris Nylund is a founding member of Field Note Stenographers, a collective of local musicians who write about shows in Middle Georgia. He likes books without pictures, good music and playing a variety of instruments with varying degrees of success. Contact him at