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Torres: Musicians of Macon’s past spark the future

We have officially marked the end of the Second Street construction and even though it’s only one block, it really represents the city as a whole -- forever under construction as residents await a new and improved outcome.

This year winds down for me a bit early as I decided to take a break, so to speak, which really just means I didn’t have any more shows booked. I’ll save the year recap for later, but a few weeks ago I got a crazy urge to reunite with old friends and artists. I guess toward the end of the year you start thinking about the beginning?

A few weeks ago at the Field Note Stenographers benefit show, I got to do exactly that. The band lineup was filled with musicians who I’ve learned so much from during these six years and we’ve all progressed much farther than I’m sure most of us imagined. (Well, I imagined it, but I’m an egomaniac, right?)

From Widow Pills to Roly-Bots to an Aaron Irons’ return to the stage, it was like watching almost a decade of history (in my opinion) pass by in eight hours or so. I will admit that the party vibe wasn’t the same because mostly all of these guys are married now, but there was still a feeling of “wow, look at this!” I also brought up Al K!ng, my old partner in crime, to run through some of our “hits” as well as to hear a new song from K!ng called “The Passion,” which sounded very much like a triumphant return to the spotlight.

It almost hurt for a second because you realize the next part of the journey may not involve everyone that you planned for it to involve. I guess maybe I’m saying I don’t want to get old, but I’m not really sure.

Anyway, the Second Street block party tonight hosted by Roasted Cafe and Lounge will continue this nameless feeling that I have. My “Floco & Friends” set will be filled with guests of the same reunion form, as well as reminding everyone of some of our newer talent that may have slipped under your radar.

Jubee & the Morning After also will be playing and it’s crazy to think that I saw the first show they played in front of China Wok sort of by accident about four or five years ago. I’m sure there will be hundreds of people -- who I didn’t know existed in Macon -- as well as some familiar faces now covered with beards, glasses and maturity. (See how I worded that?) You may not be able to see it, but I’ll be watching and enjoying the moment with the same look I had at the benefit show. “Wow, look at this!” I hope you come and enjoy it with me.

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